Fighting for You: Our Mission

At Staying Alive Survival, we believe that two words have the power to change everything: never surrender.
Together, we can reverse the rising tide of violent crime and create safer communities. Take proactive steps to identify danger and discourage crime, then fight back with the best self-defense tools and training. We hope that our self-defense store helps everyone feel more confident in times of crisis. You are more courageous and capable than you realize. It’s time to become a stronger, safer warrior and slay the dragon!

Putting Customers First: Our Promise

Staying Alive Survival is built on old-fashioned values and a timeless approach to customer service. We’re always available to recommend products, answer questions, and provide support. Our family works hard to instill confidence and dispel fear.
Warrior Discounts: We’ll never stop praising first responders, military, and law enforcement for your service. Active and retired servicemen can save 20% on every order.
Charitable Partners: Domestic violence shelters, homeless outreach, and mental health service providers are doing incredible work. We offer bulk discounts to support your mission.


Are you ready for disaster? Heighten your situational awareness and identify danger before it’s too late. Our growing online store includes home security alarms, emergency preparedness kits and Self-defense tools.


Call for help and show the perpetrator that you’re ready to fight. The best self-defense weapon is one you never have to use. Staying Alive Survival helps you stand tall and stay in control of the situation to prevent tragedies.


Defend and guard without hesitation – you are a warrior. Our line of self-defense weapons is carefully curated with tasers, tactical tools, and self-defense sprays that are proven to work when you need them.