About Todd Medina

My name is Todd Medina. I have been competing professionally for nearly 3 decades winning multiple World titles while holding many world records. Since retiring from competition I have been coaching both professional and amateur athletes.

I have known Marisa Schaffer for the last 10 years. We both share a common goal to empower and educate others to become confident through training in self-defense. Marisa is an impassioned voice for change on domestic and criminal violence and teaches others survival techniques which will greatly increase a victim’s odds of surviving an attacker.

Psalms 144:1 “Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacher my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”

Todd Medina

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Our Founder

Hello – I’m Marisa Schaffer, the founder and owner of Staying Alive Survival.

Our family-owned small business is based in Orange County, California. I started selling self-defense products at gun shows back in 2014. I enjoyed talking with customers one-on-one about their personal security concerns and recommending proven products for their everyday carry (EDC) arsenal. But for every person I helped at the booth, I knew there must be at least ten more who felt unequipped and unprepared.

We opened our online store with a laser-focused goal: to save as many lives as possible through self-defense products, personal security tools, and training.

28 years of martial arts experience taught me how important it is to sharpen your skills and hone your strength. I also became a certified pepper spray instructor and self-defense life coach to help everyone unleash their inner warrior.

There is nothing more dangerous than an opponent you don’t know.